Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote something. Life has somehow gotten very hectic over here and at times, I have found it very, very challenging. To fill you in a bit, and to be honest, I've been finding the adjustment to a new culture for a permanent period of time very difficult. I'm currently talking to Mthoko about everything - he has been a big comfort to me - and I've also been speaking with leaders from our church and from World Changers, the org I am working with. I'm thankful I have great friends.

But, I also have exciting news, only 3 more months to the wedding and God has been taking care of everything. Our plane tickets are taken care of for traveling to and from Canada. My bridesmaids are able to come to the wedding in South Africa. And.... Mthoko and I found our first apartment! I love it and at some point will be posting photos of it. Its a great little place near the harbour and its safe too so I can get out and walk around and take a little more ownership of my corner of South Africa than I've been able to while living in an organization base out in the boonies. I'm so excited to have a home.

Mthoko has been an amazing support through all the adjustments I've been going through. Last night he came to surprise me at the base, just to see how I was doing and make sure I was ok. The surprise was so good as I wasn't expecting to see him for awhile and actually wasn't doing too well with all the challenges lately. He truly is my best friend.

Thats just a little bit for now. I'll update you as things progress here. Thanks for supporting me and praying for me. I know I'm a funny little missionary of sorts - I'm not really connected to an organization or a mission as most people are when they come to be a missionary in another country. But I know I'm called to love people here. Lately thats been difficult so please pray for me as I make these big adjustments in adapting to this culture. I know I am called to the message of Isaiah 61: to preach Good News, to bind up the broken, to proclaim freedom, to release people from darkness... I really want to see these things come true here for the people of South Africa. I feel like I come against a lot of spiritual attack. Please pray for me.

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